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Win Lords
Before every race, the horses are paraded around in an area of the track called the
paddock. It gives you a chance to see how the horse looks and is behaving before the
race starts. Once I’ve winnowed my list of picks to two or three horses using the
info Win Lords Free in the program, I like to go over to the paddock to take a
gander at how the horses look. Just like you and me, horses have good and bad days
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Peters Methods
Many times we have been asked if we would be prepared to reveal information that can
produce an income every year, tax free. I was hesitant at first, because although I
used to reveal my methods, I have not done for a number of years.  More Detail
Tipster Super Stars 
Jon has been with Tipster Superstars since the turn of the year and his very first
month with us was a profitable one. In that first month, Jon showed us how he pulled
 in 29.42pts profit from simple win bets.He placed 58 bets that month and won 16 of 
them, a very impressive 27.6% strike rate. More Detail
Petes Daily Nap 
The staking plan is recommended to be a level affair with Pete Creswell working out the
income potential of Pete’s Daily Nap based on £10 stakes. In terms of the strike rate,
Pete’s Daily Nap has an average of 28.2% between January and March this year.
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Betal Chemist
OMG, not content with giving Minella Foru last month for the Paddy Power which I backed
at 20/1, you've then given My Murphy for the Thyestes today which again I backed at 
20/1! What can I say, other than I am all but dumbfounded? Heartiest congratulations
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Back Lucrative
BackLucrative is a straight backing tipster service based on two essential cornerstones
of betting. We've fused together the principle of attaining value with a proven betting
system to create a service that produces impressive returns at level stakes. In our
first year running we produced a 283 point profit, and things look set to continue in
our second year.. More Detail
Star Horse System
A lot of these guys do make Thousands Betting online, but they don't do it using the
softwares and betting systems they try to sell you.. No, in fact, all too often those
products are created by people who don't understand horse racing at all!
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Horse Player Haven 
I can tell you that this formula is simple once you understand it, but very counter-
intuitive and you will never guess it if someone hasn't told it to you.The formula 
completely contradicts traditional handicapping advice.. More Detail