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Job Interview Guide
While we don't recommend having a canned response for every interview question (in
fact, please don't), we do recommend spending some time getting comfortable with what
you might be asked, what hiring managers are really looking for in your responses, and
what it takes to show that you're the right man or woman for the job.
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I help people who want to make big changes in their life or who want to achieve 
massive results and I help them break down their goals into simple action steps that
are easy to follow and I keep them on track until they’ve achieved the results they’re
looking for
Get Paid to Translate
 it’s not as glamorous and profitable as you might think, especially if you are
considering this particular company. One of the things that sparks a lot of people’s
interest is the promotion of making $100’s of dollars per day. I’m going to tell you 
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translator work is slim to none.
Cover Letters Job
We have compiled this "cover letters" help page to assist you in making the right
choice regarding this all-important job search tool. Below you will find three
categories of cover letters to help you. Below each cover letters category are
the top picks we've chosen, with links to the web pages.
Resource Home Jobs
Looking for work doesn't have to be a full time job. If you've spent any amount of
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Work On Cruise
When it comes to ‘ship life’, Liz and I (as well as practically every other crew 
member you’ll talk to) both agree that our experiences have exceeded all of our
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Sell Your Own Photos
I’ve always loved photography and to learn how to make money off of the thousands of 
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