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Cdl Test Advanced  Medical Billing & Coding
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Cdl Test Advanced 
The quality of the tests is what matters most! These tests must be accurate, challenging,
and up to date (2016) with the latest Federal Guidelines found in your official state 
handbook. We make sure that they are. Take some practice tests and try us. If you believe
you find an error, or something that’s confusing, email us and we will get right back to
you. But these tests have been taken millions of times  
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Medical Billing & Coding
Every code set has its own set of guidelines and rules. Certain codes, like ones that 
signify a pre-existing condition, need to be placed in a very particular order. Coding 
accurately and within the specific guidelines for each code will affect the status of a 
claim.The coding process ends when the medical coder enters the appropriate codes into a
form or software program. Once the report is coded, it’s passed on to the medical biller.
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Anatomy & Physiology Course
I was recently a nominee in the poster prize at the British Neuroendocrine Society annual 
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